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Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in North Dakota

Explore Our Mental Heath and Addiction Treatment Center in Raleigh, ND

a man sits on his bed and stares out the window as he considers heroin addiction treatment center in raleigh ndHeroin is an illegal drug that kills thousands of people each year and devastates the families of those addicted. Many people become addicted to heroin by accident, often after using prescription opiates for pain. You may be using heroin to cope with the pain you feel inside. But if you’re addicted to opiates like heroin, it’s crucial to seek a heroin addiction treatment center. Without help, you’re vulnerable to health problems and heroin overdoses.

At Prairie Recovery Center, our heroin addiction treatment center in Raleigh, ND, provides a safe setting where people can begin their recovery from addiction. Our comprehensive heroin abuse treatment program in North Dakota heals addiction’s physical and psychological effects. If you might benefit from heroin addiction rehab in North Dakota, reach out to our Prairie Recovery Center team today by calling [Direct] or contacting us online to learn more about a substance abuse treatment program

Signs of Heroin Addiction

The first step in getting help for heroin addiction is to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse. These can vary depending on how long someone has been using, how much they use, and other factors. However, there are some common signs to look out for, which include:

  • Withdrawal from friends and family

  • Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed

  • Changes in eating habits

  • Mood swings and other changes in behavior or personality

  • Frequently falling asleep or “nodding out”

  • Drastic weight loss

  • Difficulty concentrating or staying focused on one task for an extended period of time

  • Nausea and vomiting

If you suspect that someone you know is abusing heroin, it is important to get them help as soon as possible. The sooner they enter into an addiction treatment program, the sooner they can begin to feel better.


Medical Detox for Heroin Addiction

Almost all people who are addicted to heroin cannot quit “cold turkey,” which is when someone addicted to this substance suddenly stops using. Medical detox is needed for anyone addicted to heroin. Withdrawal symptoms that occur when getting the drug out of your body can range from uncomfortable to extremely painful and life-threatening.

Detox should take place in a medically monitored detox setting where the physical pain is eased with evidence-based medications, and any emergency situations are attended to immediately. Significant heroin withdrawal symptoms typically peak between twenty-four and forty-eight hours after the last dose of heroin and subside after about a week. However, some people have shown persistent withdrawal signs for many months.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms may include:

Intense cravings


Muscle and bone pain





Medical detox at Prairie Recovery Center’s heroin rehab center in North Dakota is designed for safety and comfort. Our compassionate staff will help you through every step of withdrawal and detox.

Heroin detox at Prairie Recovery Center is a process that includes:

  • You’ll work with a medical team that will attend to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
  • We’ll monitor your physical and emotional health around the clock.
  • If you also use other drugs, we will provide detox from alcohol or other substances.
  • Our medical team will administer research-backed pharmacologic treatments to ease withdrawal symptoms.
  • You’ll stay in a safe and comfortable environment.
Once you complete the medical detox part of the treatment process, heroin and other drugs will be out of your system. Then, the healing work of residential heroin treatment can begin.

What to Expect from Residential Heroin Treatment

Our Prairie Recovery Center team proudly provides a wide range of therapy options in our heroin addiction treatment program in North Dakota. Heroin addiction treatment includes both traditional and alternative therapies. These may include:
  • Individual counseling
  • Addiction therapy groups
  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • 12-Step programs
  • Trauma therapies
  • Relapse prevention planning
People who use heroin often have co-occurring mental health disorders or trauma. At Prairie Recovery Center, you’ll begin to work through the emotional pain that might have caused your heroin use in the first place. In a safe environment at Prairie Recovery Center, you will explore past trauma and family relationships. You’ll address these with the support of experienced therapists and other recovering addicts who share similar issues. Our safe, comfortable residential treatment program is an ideal environment to embark on this journey of self-care and self-preservation.

Find Support at Prairie Recovery Center’s Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Raleigh, ND

Choose to regain control of your life from addiction today at Prairie Recovery Center. We have the expertise and unique blend of therapies to help you break free of your addiction. Find out more about our heroin addiction treatment center in Raleigh, ND, when you call us at [Direct] or reach out to us online.