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Depression Treatment Center in North Dakota

Explore Our Mental Heath and Addiction Treatment Center in Raleigh, ND

Depression can affect every aspect of a person’s life and make them feel as though no one understands how they feel. Often, someone dealing with depression turns to drug or alcohol use as a way to cope. However, an effective depression and addiction treatment program guided by experienced mental health professionals can help someone learn to manage their disorder.

At Prairie Recovery Center’s depression treatment center in North Dakota, our team of therapists and addiction specialists can help people better understand how to overcome addiction and manage the effects of depression. If you might benefit from this kind of comprehensive care, reach out to our depression and addiction treatment center today by calling [Direct] or completing our online contact form.

Residential Depression Treatment

Our Prairie Recovery Center team offers treatment for depression as a primary disorder. We also treat depression when it co-occurs with substance abuse, eating disorders including bulimia, anorexia, or sex addiction.

Once you decide to enroll in our depression and addiction treatment program, our treatment team at Prairie Recovery Center will assess your physical and mental health. We’ll determine if you have other mental health disorders. For example, depression and anxiety often co-occur together. Then, our mental health professionals create a personalized treatment plan based on assessment findings.

Individual Therapy with a Licensed Counselor

Next, you’ll meet with a counselor trained in treating depressive disorders. Therapists help you address underlying issues that contribute to depression. Sometimes, these include trauma, early childhood relationships, and poor coping skills.

Your counselor may draw on therapeutic approaches like:

woman with depression

Alternative Therapies for Depression Treatment

Depression treatment options go beyond just talk therapy. Some people find it difficult to express themselves verbally. So, alternative approaches to treatment can help people enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. Experiential methods for treating people dealing with depression support physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

For example, a few of the unorthodox therapeutic approaches that we use at Prairie Recovery Center include:

  • Adventure therapy options such as a ropes course and equine therapy
  • Alternative medicine like acupuncture and massage therapy
  • EMDR and other trauma therapies
  • Mindfulness and yoga
  • Fitness and nutrition support
  • Native American healing approaches
  • Creative activities like art and music

Psychiatric Care and Medication Management

Depression treatment generally includes psychotherapy and medication management. An imbalance of the brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine can contribute to depression. A psychiatrist may prescribe antidepressants in combination with behavioral therapy to correct imbalances.

Medication for depression can help relieve depression symptoms. But psychotherapy is essential for addressing underlying issues that contribute to mental health disorders. At Prairie Recovery Center, prescribed medications are combined with psychotherapy and other therapeutic approaches.

Many people respond to a combination of medication and psychotherapeutic interventions. But some adults with depression do not respond adequately to treatment. This is known as treatment-resistant depression. The Summit Prairie Recovery Center offers a variety of depression treatments that help people with treatment-resistant depression.

Family Involvement

Mental health disorders like severe depression impact the entire family. Our Prairie Recovery Center treatment programs include family therapy and intensive family programs as an essential component of recovery. Involving loved ones in treatment is crucial to recovery because it helps them provide support after leaving a depression treatment program. In our depression treatment center in North Dakota, you’ll learn to communicate better. Loved ones learn to recognize warning signs that you need help, and a trained therapist helps you discuss complex topics.

Discover More About Depression Therapy in North Dakota at Prairie Recovery Center

When the effects of depression are severely impacting you or someone you care about, reach out for help at Prairie Recovery Center. Our depression treatment center in North Dakota welcomes people who want to regain control of their lives. If you or a loved one is ready to make a positive change, reach out to our friendly Prairie Recovery Center team today online or call [Direct].