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Aftercare Program in North Dakota

Explore Our Mental Heath and Addiction Treatment Center in Raleigh, ND

Once someone has achieved their goal of completing an addiction treatment program, they should be extraordinarily proud of this accomplishment. However, the next step in recovery can be the most challenging for some people. That’s why it is crucial for people to make a plan for their lives after treatment.

Our Prairie Recovery Center team recognizes the need for an addiction aftercare program in North Dakota. That’s why we proudly support people who want to maintain their recovery with our aftercare addiction treatment program in Raleigh, ND. If you have recently completed an addiction treatment program and are committed to your recovery, reach out to Prairie Recovery Center today. Our team is standing by to provide more information about our addiction recovery support program in North Dakota, so call us at [Direct] or fill out our online contact form.

Aftercare from Prairie Recovery Center

Once you enter one of our primary mental health treatment centers, we consider you part of our Prairie Recovery Center family for life. In addition to aftercare planning, we offer re-intervention services as well as regular alumni groups, meetings, and gatherings.

From day one, we help you develop recovery skills relevant to everyday life and the triggers you’ll face. We also work with you to establish a solid aftercare plan so you can succeed in recovery after residential mental health, co-occurring disorders, or substance use treatment programs. Our Prairie Recovery Center team understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, so we customize each aftercare plan to fit the needs of each individual in our care.

Aspects of Prairie Recovery Center’s Aftercare Program

Aftercare planning varies at Prairie Recovery Center but may include:

Scheduling appointments

Your primary therapist works with you to make sure you have appropriate appointments scheduled when you return to everyday life. Depending on your diagnosis, this may include sessions with therapists, dietitians, physicians, and psychiatrists.

Step-down resources

If you need additional help easing back into everyday life, we can connect you with sober-living residences as well as outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, PTSD treatment programs, and other behavioral health outpatient treatment options.

Alumni network

Support from other people sharing similar struggles and successes is an essential part of recovery. Our Prairie Recovery Center robust alumni network regularly gathers and connects.

Self-help groups

During residential treatment, you’re introduced to 12-step support groups as well as alternatives to the 12 Steps. We help you locate similar resources in your communities so that you can continue drawing support and accountability in recovery from these resources.

Benefits of an Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program

Some of the many benefits of aftercare include:

  • Building and maintaining connections with people who have similar goals
  • Preventing relapse through coping skills maintenance
  • Creating a greater sense of accountability
  • Enhancing a sense of community

When you rely on Prairie Recovery Center for aftercare, you choose to embrace your recovery for the long term. Solidify the skills that you learned in addiction treatment with the aftercare addiction treatment program at Prairie Recovery Center today.

Find an Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program in Raleigh, ND, at Prairie Recovery Center

Our Prairie Recovery Center team recognizes that recovery doesn’t end when a treatment program is completed. We provide extensive aftercare to keep people on the right track and away from a relapse. Our team will work with you to create an addiction and mental health aftercare plan to ensure that you have the best chance of maintaining recovery for years to come. Find out more about our aftercare addiction treatment program in Raleigh, ND, today by calling [Direct] or filling out our online contact form.