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Explore Our Mental Heath and Addiction Treatment Center in Raleigh, ND

The heart of all of our programs and services at Prairie Recovery Center is our mental health and addiction treatment staff in Raliegh, ND. Our Prairie Recovery Center staff is a team of dedicated caregivers, mental health professionals, and addiction treatment center staff. If you’re interested in learning about our treatment methods from our mental health and addiction treatment staff in Raleigh, ND, contact us today by calling 844.979.4310 or completing our online contact form.

Amanda M., MS

Executive Director

Dave M.

Business Development Director

Steph J.

Administrative Director

Shari S

Receptionist/Transportation Coordinator

Shari S.

Receptionist / Transportation Coordinator

Shellie S

Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC)

Michael W.

Addiction Intern

Zach M.

Case Manager

Denise T.

Case Manager

Liisa C.

Family Therapist

Anthony B.


Nicholle T.


Gerard K.


Neil G.

Day Coordinator

JoLynn D.

Activity Coordinator

Brittany R.

Resident Director

Jody F.

Resident Specialist

Peyton G.

Resident Specialist

Jenna M.

Resident Specialist

Dan R.

Resident Specialist

Alex S.

Resident Specialist

Kevin S.

Resident Specialist

Jeff A.

Resident Specialist

Elisha W.

Resident Specialist

Alex G.

Resident Specialist

Michelle D.


Tyler P.


Melony B.

Head Cook