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About Prairie Recovery Center in North Dakota

Explore Our Mental Heath and Addiction Treatment Center in Raleigh, ND

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life. Often, those who are using drugs and alcohol need the support of a team of professionals to face their addiction. For people who might benefit from outstanding addiction treatment, Prairie Recovery Center might be the key to genuine, long-lasting recovery.

At Prairie Recovery Center, our North Dakota addiction treatment center helps people in the upper Midwest begin their journey to overcome addiction. Whether our patients come from North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, South Dakota, or another state in the area, our team is committed to providing comprehensive treatment for addiction. If you are stuck in the endless cycle of addiction, our North Dakota addiction treatment center is the perfect place to focus on recovery and retake control of your life. Learn more about Prairie Recovery Center from our friendly and knowledgeable team today by calling [Direct] or filling out our online contact form.

About Prairie Recovery Center

Our mission at Prairie Recovery Center is to give people the opportunity to heal from addiction and embrace recovery. We also are committed to providing high-quality addiction treatment for all members of our community, especially for veterans, the chronically homeless, and other underserved groups of people. This inclusiveness is a fundamental part of how we approach the addiction treatment process. The foundation of all of our addiction treatment programs are therapeutic options to help people in recovery gain the skills and strategies they need to remain on the right track for the long term. Our dedicated team of therapists and addiction specialists is the heart and soul of our programs and services. The compassion that we demonstrate ensures that everyone in our care feels welcomed and valued.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Each substance that causes addiction requires a subtly different approach in treatment. Our Prairie Recovery Center team designed each of our addiction treatment programs to address the effects of that specific substance.

Our team provides treatment for addiction to:

Our Addiction Therapy Programs

One of the often-overlooked aspects of addiction treatment is the detrimental effect that addiction takes on mental health. Our Prairie Recovery Center team emphasizes therapy options as an essential part of our addiction treatment programs.

We provide addiction therapy programs such as:

Also, our team uses a dual diagnosis approach to addiction treatment, which helps people identify the potential underlying causes of their addiction, such as trauma or a mental health disorder. Some people self-medicate with drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with these issues. In our dual diagnosis treatment, those in recovery learn healthy coping mechanisms so that they don’t rely on drug or alcohol use to get by. Dual diagnosis treatment also benefits people in recovery by increasing self-esteem, identifying triggers that might cause a relapse, and enhancing self-confidence.

Learn More About Prairie Recovery Center Today

Prairie Recovery Center’s North Dakota substance use treatment facility is a place of healing for people dealing with the mental and physical toll of addiction. Our team recognizes that addiction is a disease, not a lack of willpower or moral failing. As such, we treat each person in our care with the respect and dignity they deserve. For more information about Prairie Recovery Center in North Dakota, call us at [Direct] or connect with us online. Make today the day you make the most significant decision of your life by reaching out to Prairie Recovery Center today.